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Dr. Faisal al Mashhoor Ba Omar


Is an integrated law firm licensed and committed to providing legal and commercial solutions to all its clients. Since its inception, we have been practicing law as a supreme message that contributes to the consolidation of the balance of justice and raising legal awareness in society. We have a carefully selected team of experienced jurists of different nationalities, from highly efficient and efficient service, our office members are characterized by their integrity, diligence, hard work and ability to assess legal status in various fields.

The office of Dr. Faisal Al-Mashhoor BaOmar is a lawyer and legal consultant. it performs all legal procedures and acts in and outside the Sultanate of Oman, defending, challenging and reconciling all types of cases before various arbitration bodies, establishing companies of all kinds ……

We make the difference in the world of law

Our firm belief is that outstanding lawyers are not only those with the necessary legal expertise and skills, but also those with good moral qualities that are essential to the success of any lawyer and valued by our clients. We use the highest professional and ethical standards when selecting our employees to ensure that our clients receive Legal excellence of high quality without compromising our moral values.

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