Labor Law Disputes

Labor Law Disputes


The labor law governs the bulk of society, ie, workers, and provides substantial protection from the exploitation of employers

The Foundation provides a set of rules and legal foundations for the regulation of the relationship between workers and employers and the rules governing individual employment contracts that specify working hours and annual leave and the manner of termination of the employment contract without arbitrariness and compensation for the worker in case of arbitrary dismissal. Such as labor strikes and collective labor disputes.

The organization organizes the emerging relationships between the employer, whether the private sector or the public sector, and his staff from the other side. The Foundation shall:

** Issues relating to the protection of workers ‘rights and protection of employers’ rights.

** Organizing the individual employment contract and the joint work contract between the worker and the employer.

** To bring the rights of the worker in respect of his salary and termination indemnities and compensation for arbitrary dismissal and other rights stipulated in the Omani Labor Law.

** Organization of relations and rights reserved for employers and give workers their rights provided only without an increase or burden on employers.

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