who are we

who are we

Dr. Faisal al Mashhoor Ba Omar


Is an integrated law firm licensed and committed to providing legal and commercial solutions to all its clients. Since its inception, we have been practicing law as a supreme message that contributes to the consolidation of the balance of justice and raising legal awareness in society. We have a carefully selected team of experienced jurists of different nationalities, from highly efficient and efficient service, our office members are characterized by their integrity, diligence, hard work and ability to assess legal status in various fields.

The office of Dr. Faisal Al-Mashhoor BaOmar is a lawyer and legal consultant. it performs all legal procedures and acts in and outside the Sultanate of Oman, defending, challenging and reconciling all types of cases before various arbitration bodies, establishing companies of all kinds and providing opinions and advice in all matters related to the application of legal systems and regulations and drafting and documenting contracts.

Our Experience Since 2008, Years of experience in various issues our long experience has made us understand the business needs, which are always varied according to the type of litigation we are constantly developing and are always prepared for all legal moves.

Our mission

Overcoming the legal challenges facing individuals and companies in their personal and business lives. Our commitment comes from local expertise and international standards. We are committed to providing the highest level of legal services that meet the needs of our clients, taking into account the time and transparency component and the selection and implementation of successful litigation procedures.

Our Vision

To improve the legal profession in terms of organization, influence and effectiveness in all fields and in all governmental, civil and economic circles and in society in all its strata and strata, through providing legal services and participation in providing what helps to raise the awareness of the rights of the society which lawyers bear a great burden in achieving.

Our Message

Excellence from other law firms is to provide high quality legal services aimed at achieving customer satisfaction. Our office provides its services through an integrated team of qualified consultants and lawyers. We understand the benefit of having an integrated team representing the different skill levels of the success of the work.

Why choose us

Features you will not find in others

the quality

We understand very well that often the client asks for information he has already known but we welcome the difficulties and challenges that come in the most details and the most difficult.

Work knowledge

The office works in a collaborative manner with many outstanding legal and judicial expertise, which are linked by the founder of the office to scientific relations and close friends of former judges or academics in various fields.


Our highly experienced and experienced team gives you the right advice on the law of the Sultanate of Oman or other relevant laws where you will feel safe in our hands.

Capacity and credibility

Our commitment comes from local expertise and international standards. We are committed to providing the highest level of legal services that meet the needs of our customers, taking into consideration the time and transparency element.


Advisors and law experts

Dr. Faisal Al-Mashhoor Ba omar
(Director General)

Lawyer and Dr. Faisal Abdullah Alawi Al Mashhoor Ba Omar, known for his testimony from the Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat, Faculty of Law (2008). Received a high diploma in law from the Institute of Arab Research and Studies (2011). He also obtained a Master’s degree in private law from the Institute of Arab Research and Studies in the Arab Republic of Egypt (2013).

** Graduated and received his doctorate in private law and commercial law from the University of Hassan I in the Kingdom of Morocco.

He also participated in many legal and social events and events and in the activities of the Second Legal Forum of the Bar Association, the Human Rights Law Committee and the British Institutes Course, on the skills of the Arab Cultural Institute ,and its role in the Capital Market Law, Faculty of **  Law. Omanis and the Arab-Omani Federation.

** I have worked as a lawyer since 2008 until now.

** He serves as legal counsel to several companies.

** Supervision of the establishment of companies and the work of the legal structure.

** Member of the International Academy of Mediation and Arbitration.

** Member of the Association of Omani Lawyers, Member of the Arab Lawyers Association.

(Lawyer of Appeal)

Abdel Nasser Abdel Aziz Mahmoud Agha (Egyptian Lawyer) LL.B. (2002) has been working in the field of legal counsel since (2002) he has high knowledge in differeut kind of law suits crimind, civil,commercial,and others with more than (16 years) of experience ,restricted to high apped . experience in for mulate contracts .all what it need law world , Specialist in civil and commercial cases.

Dr. Shawgi Sabiel
( Sudanese)

he has L.L.B In (2009) and he has l.l.m from EL NEELAIN in(2014) and he has ph.D. Iaw from EL NEELAIN university in (2018) ago he has diploma of I.T.
has a lot of courses as : course in arbitration –course in translation contracts and course in English discussion, His experience is (10) as attorney and worked as legal counselor in Oman and has experience as arbitror and translator, He as has authoresses papers as : reasons of extension the mortgage and means of circulation checks in law.
He is a member of Sudanese international law committees and member of the regional arbitration center in Sudan .

Hussein Abdullah Mohsen Al-Kaf
(primary lawyer)

Hussain Abdullah Mohsen Al-Kaf (Omani) received a bachelor’s degree from Sultan Qaboos University in 2016. He received a series of lectures and workshops in 2014 and began practical training at the Court of First Instance in Salalah in 2015. This was explained by his competence and ability to understand and understand Work methods and methods of the Sultanate of Oman, proficiency in spoken and written English.

Ghaith Abdel-Samad
(Legal Adviser)

Ghit Abdul-Samad Rashad Mohammed (Iraqi Nationality), and is well prepared in organizing the minutes and legal, administrative and accounting Received a bachelor’s degree in public law from the Faculty of Law, Tikrit University, Iraq in 2015messages and experience in using the computer and programming and printing electronic correspondence and fluent in Turkish and English. Good.

Hamid Al-Mashhoor
(Contracts Expert)

Hamed Alawi is a renowned Omani (Omani) experience in contracts. He holds a BSc in civil engineering from Sultan Qaboos University. He has five years of experience in contracts, contracting and engineering supervision contracts. He worked as an architect and planner for several projects in Salalah. Projects, management, implementation, management of human resources and quality management in evaluating projects, setting them up, monitoring them, preparing tenders, evaluating them and preparing them for work.

We help you protect your rights

Through a team with long experience in practicing law, legal advice and arbitration
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