Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


Our company provides all services related to the establishment of companies and their governance and their relationship to the market of money and business and regulations and legislation related to the standards of trade and industry and in terms of the nature of the work carried out by each of the civil companies and commercial companies and we do as follows: Relating to the establishment of new companies Solidarity Company A small recommendation company – joint stock companies and shareholding companies – and limited liability companies.

Including foreign companies contracting with government agencies, Omani companies and mixed foreign-nationality companies. Completion of the incorporation procedures related to the Notary Public, the Capital Market Authority and the Office of the Minister of Finance. Commercial Registration and Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We also offer requests for liquidation of companies and merger applications with companies – holding constituent societies, ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies, verifying their agenda, validity of their normal procedures and reviewing requests for candidature for membership of the Board of Directors.

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